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Hey guys!Today i wanted to make a kinda different video and talk about whats happening in jailbreak world. Yesterday Luca launched a web jailbreak loader for iOS 9.3.3 and it will save your current jaiobreak if you have one. Also Its better now to stay on iOS 10.1.1 because as he says its less secure and easier to PWN and Jailbreak.
One more exciting thing i heard from everythingapplepro is that on the IPhone 5 it may be passable to dual boot iOS 9 an 6 so we might get a jailbreak for that particular device. I recommend you guys staying on IOS 9 if you have an iPhone 5, maybe it will worth gold soon. Anyways guys hope you really enjoyed the video, I am still looking for hacked snapchat so stay tuned for that!Have a great day everyone!

Link to Everythingapplepro video(watch from 5th minute):

Luca's online jailbreak launcher:

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